The person behind this website is Aron Lewin. I’ve just finished a couple of degrees at Monash, and I’ve done far too many internships. I’m using this to write stories about older, well-established shops in Melbourne.

So far, my method of choosing which shops to write about has involved walking down a busy-ish street and picking places that I am familiar with (and enjoy) or ones that look rather charming.

It’s hard for me to pinpoint why I am doing this, but

a) I am extremely under-employed

b) There are 800 websites which cover the newest cafe. It is extremely important that I am up to date with the glow-in-the-dark doughnut and the avolatte (I mean this with absolute sincerity.  I read them all, and I do hope to try all of their delicious recommendations) but I think there is room for a website solely devoted to longstanding institutions.

c) I believe these places hold some inherent value. There’s a sense of community connected to them and, if they disappear, there’d be a keen sense of loss shared by a variety of people. So, I think it is useful for there to be a website where people can read about, discuss and celebrate some of these shops.

d) It’d make me extremely happy if this website could generate business for the owners that lent me – a stranger hoping for free things – their time.

e) The assumption I hold is that these owners possess some knowledge of a different Melbourne. I’m interested in how the streets around me have changed over the years.

f) I don’t think there is an indefinite amount of time to capture and share these stories.

There are more reasons, and I’ll add them when they come to me.

I hope to – eventually – pay people to write about shops in different areas. I can’t imagine I’ll make any dosh from this in the foreseeable future so, in the meantime, I’m doing this for fun (also, see point a.)

contact me at talesofbrickandmortar@gmail.com. Please say hello, and don’t hesitate in recommending places that might be worth writing about.

Thanks for reading my ‘about’ page! (the content elsewhere is better)